Earth 3D Screensaver (CD Version)

Earth 3D Screensaver (CD Version)

Earth 3d Screensaver is a chance to look at the Earth from a space window

Earth 3d Screensaver is a chance to look at the Earth from a space shuttle window. This screensaver is so realistic that you feel an astronaut, flying around the planet.
The details of the planet looks fantastic, great colors and a blurry veil of atmosphere. The coasts and mountains looks rugged and you have a splendid panoramic view of the plains.
You can move by a randomly selected orbit, or use the interactive mode, using the arrow keys to rotate the globe.
Just for fun, the screensaver allows you to turn on additional objects in the options. For example, you can see the Kremlin in Moscow, the Statue of Liberty in New York or the pyramids in Egypt.
Some cities and other territories like seas and bays are labeled to serve as geographical references, this is helpful, but sadly, the pictures loses some of the high impact realism that makes imagination fly away, but you can turn off this mode.
You can sit down on your chair, relax, and go back to that days when you dream with fantastic adventures with astronauts exploring the outer space and stars, just with one click.

Review summary


  • Great realism in graphics
  • Nice features in interactive mode


  • no sounds, otherwize it would be better
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